What is an Evil Eye?

After my travels just this past month, I wanted to give to my followers a little bit of information and insights about the "Evil Eye".

Really, what is an Evil Eye????

Evil eyes in the street of Antalya

Evil Eyes in the streets of Antalya

I grew up with the belief that you should carry "Nazar Boncugu" (that is name for evil eye) on you all the time usually on a place that is not so visible. All my life I was surrounded with evil eyes. When I was a baby, it was pinned to the back of my onesies. Then when my first first tooth grew in, a charm was hung on my neck. And this continues, on and on: First day on school, graduations, important exams, first car, wedding, first house, baby, and many more. 

The point of the amulet or the evil eye jewelry is to repel evil spirits and keep you away from harm. In other words, it is not to have good luck; it is all about protection. 

Like myself, a lot of others hang these evil eye pieces on almost everything from their pets to their children. 

If over time, it gets cracked- for seemingly no reason at all, its said to be a good thing. It means that the bad (or evil) energy absorbed to the amulet, away from you. Once this happens, you should get a new one to keep your protected. An example of a cracked evil eye

An example of a cracked evil eye 

I don't know the number of the evil eyes in my house at the moment. It's probably tens or more. In fact, I have various different shaped and colored evil eyes! Designs like fishes, ladybugs, the tree of life or, as in classic round cobalt blue evil eye amulets.

Who created the evil eye?

The history of the evil eye dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, followed by Assyrians and Phoenicians, Celts, the Hellenistic Era, Roman, Jewish through to the Bible, Europe, and the modern-day world.

An interesting sample of the evil eye that is used in today's world....

In Gumusluk, Bodrum... Can you spot the evil eyes on top the gourds?


It is not a bad idea to wear an Evil Eye jewelry especially in through sensitive life stages. On that note, you can check out Floweredsky Design’s evil eye jewelry.

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