Sapphire Jewelry- The Birthstone for September

The stone represents prosperity, beauty and inner peace – all of which are wonderfully symbolic gifts to wish upon a couple after 45 years of marriage.


Mainly sapphires are in color blue and The word sapphire is derived from the Latin and Greek words for “blue”. Sapphire gets its colors from the trace elements of the mineral corundum. Classic blue sapphires contain iron and titanium.  When corundum occurs as red, it is called Ruby. It happens when trace elements of chromium turn corundum pink, while more chromium turns it into a ruby. Sapphire naturally occurs in a sparkling rainbow of hues, from vivid pinks, golden, violet, orange, dark green, lemon yellow and white. 

They are mainly sourced in Myanmar, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia and Sri Lanka.
Sapphires can be worn anywhere on the body; next to the skin is the best. It is a wonderful cleanser and works with mind, body, and spirit to bring inner peace. 
Since the olden ages, sapphires have been believed to protect royal families from harm, envy and bad spirits. Blue sapphires were even thought to be an antidote for poison.
With that note who couldn’t use a little sapphire jewelry in their life? Check out Floweredsky Design’s sapphire necklaces and earrings just in time for September birthdays!

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