Minimalist, Elegant and Refined Jewelry for the beautiful soul..

It is most certainly hard to wear so many hats in our daily lives. 

My dream is to make a difference in your life. It can be by using a creative force to fulfill your needs and desires and make you feel special.

I invite you to find the things you love and make you feel exquisite and one of a kind. Because YOU are.  

Let Floweredsky Design Jewels help you in this direction... 


Hi! I'm Sema, the one and only woman behind Floweredsky Designs. 

What does Floweredsky even mean? Is it a family name ? Or is it a made up word? 

Let me tell you a brief history how I came up with this name. My name Sema  means "Sky" in Turkish . As you may know already I am originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul, in Turkey. 

I am known as having a green thumb in my surroundings. I've always loved plants and flowers and kept them close to me. They are vital signs to miracles that our eyes can witness everyday. I appreciate their beings and their minimalist needs. 

Therefore, this name found me at the age of 15 when I merge the two words into one. And seagulls are the residents of beautiful Istanbul and they found a place on my logo if you look closely. Back then I had no idea what the future was holding for me...

 Photo of Bosphorus, in Istanbul , the bridge that connects the 2 continents , Asia to Europe

Having a Mediterranean culture and coming from one the most metropolitan cities in the world gave me a different view of mixing easily my modern handcrafted hammered geometric shapes with old fashioned sparkled high quality gemstones.  

I consider my culture to be a unique resource from which I draw inspiration. Growing up in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and culturally authentic cities has enhanced my designs and technique. Istanbul is like a layered mosaic of cultural, historical, architectural and spiritual influences. They are interconnected and merged in harmony, just like the wire-wrapped gemstones in my unique pieces of jewelry. My jewelry line consists of delicate geometric designs rendered in sterling silver, gold-filled metals and gemstones.



My design ideas usually find first signs of life in my sketch papers, then I hand-form, file, hammer and polish the metal for my geometric shapes. I adorn these geometric shapes with faceted gemstones using wire wrapping methods.


Jewelry, like clothing, is an intimate expression of individuality. Both enhance the beauty and the spirit of the wearer. My jewelry designs reflect this vision and my style – minimalist with flair. 

Currently I live in Rhode Island with my muses – my daughter and my other half.

P.S. Recently, we have an addition to our small family, a 10 pound puppy-Miss Daisy...

My puppy is helping me at one of the outdoor shows

Miss Daisy is helping me at Tiverton Harvest Market , 2021 ... She was a super star!!!

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